Are you ready to understand

how your child thinks

and behaves?

To see how your past experiences create the parent that you are today? To stop struggling alone and beating yourself up when you don’t get the result you desire?

If the answer is YES, then look no further. Practical Parenting is here to walk with families through the mapless journey of parenting. There is an old African proverb which says

Let’s get to know one another…

Hi, my name is Keiley, I am a mum of three and a grandmother. I  have worked with children and families for twenty two years, as an educationalist, a special educational needs advisor, entrepreneur and family coach. 

I am on a mission to help families create a happy, harmonious life with their children.

I have been challenged with how to get the balance right in my home with the cooking… the washing… the ironing… the homework… my business… my husband… the kids…. the tantrums… the arguments and yes I’m talking about with me and my kids as well as my husband!

…ohhh AND making time for myself! 

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